Responding to the  market expectations being the aim of its constitution, AKOJANT  is continuously improving  its products  in accordance with its clients’ requests.

In the newly installed Molding Workshop AKOJANT has started to produce its own molds.

The 2D and 3D technical drawings of the product requested by the client are submitted to the client’s approval.

Following the client’s approval the sample production is being effected and the necessary measurements and testing analyses are carried out.

AKOJANT  uses  the AutoCAD, CATIA V5 R20 drawing programs to create  its mold and product designs.

The programs CIMATRON E11 and FICUS CAM are used in all phases of the mold production

The molding division has a CNC turning lathe and a CNC Vertical turning lathe as well as other universal machineries.


AKOJANT has been founded with the purpose of becoming the number one manufacturer of wheels for trucks and agricultural vehicles in Turkey.

In accordance with this aim and purpose AKOJANT has the following manufacturing lines :

* Commercial Vehicle wheels rolling and mounting line
* Agricultural Vehicle wheels Rolling and mounting line
* Commercial Vehicle  disc line
* Agricultural Vehicle disc line
* Cataphoresis and top coating unit

The cataphoresis unit equipped with the latest technology as well as the finishing coat unit ensure a high  corrosion protection for AKOJANT products .

Each passing day AKOJANT is increasing  its production rate in order to be able to meet the clients’ orders in time, giving  great importance to  automation in the manufacturing field.

Abdulkadir ÖZcan AŞ.