About Us

AKOJANT  was founded in 1998 in Ankara  within the company Abdulkadir Özcan Otomotiv A.Ş.   As from 2013 the firm develops its activity in the factory built  on a total space of 120.000 m2 out of which  23.500 m2 are  indoor area.

AKOJANT  produces wheels for commercial, agricultural and industrial vehicles with the worldly known Flow Forming Technology. The wheels produced with this Flow Forming Technology are being marketed on world markets under the brand AKO.

AKOJANT  is  among the brands of wheels preferred by the  commercial, agricultural and industrial vehicle producers on the world markets . 

AKJANT  provides the following wheels produced with the Flow Forming Technology :
For Light Commercial Vehicles : 6.00x17.5, 6.75x17.5 ;
For Buses and heavy duty vehicles : 8.25x22.5, 9.00x22.5, 11.75x22.5  
For Agricultural Vehicles : 9.00 x 15.3, 13.00 x 15.5, 4.00E x 16, 5.50F x 16, 5.50F x 18, W8X20, W9 x 20, W10 x 20, W8 x 24, W10 x 24, W12X24, W12 x 28, W14x28, W13 x 28, W15L x 30, W13x30, W14L x 30, DW15X34, W11 x 36, W12 x 36, DW11X38, DW12 x 38, DW14 x 38, W7.0 x 44
Furthermore, AKOJANT develops its activities concurrently with the tyre manufacturers.

For the development of new tyres, the producers give priority to AKOJANT for  suitable wheels and use the AKO wheels in many  prototype testing processes.

Abdulkadir ÖZcan AŞ.